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I help busy professionals live with the end in mind, so that they discover that their "more time" is now. 


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The last few years have taught us that time is not guaranteed, and yet, we put off exploring and planning for what really matters. Considering how we want to be remembered is critical to living your life more fully with the time you have now. Cultivating presence, initiating  important conversations and releasing the overwhelm of filling our days with "shoulds" are the foundation of Lynn's heart-centered framework. Her methods will give us the courage to make ourselves a priority and to shift from living the life expected of us, to the one we came here to BE.

Lynn is a leading end-of-life practitioner, a death doula, conscious dying educator and funeral celebrant. Her work has inspired many to follow their life's calling, heal generational wounds and and thoughtfully plan their end-of-life journeys. One thing she knows for sure, that by considering what matters most, we become more present to our lives and all of it's gifts.

15 years at the bedside of dying people and their families has inspired Lynn to initiate beautiful and courageous conversations. These experiences have informed the work that she creates and shares. Through her online course, Gratitude & Grace: A guide to Conscious Living and her end-of-life planning guide, Walking Me Home, she thoughtfully invites participants to see their own lives through the lens of the legacy that we leave.

The calming, open hearted demeanor that gives her clients peace at the end of their lives, infuses her speaking engagements with authenticity and leaves her audiences with more courage to see their own lives as a precious gift.

Lynn currently serves as the Board President of the Florida End of Life Doula Association, teaches yoga and to provide necessary balance, practices the art of Jiu Jitsu.



It's about time:
Be Who You Came Here To Be

Lynn gently invites her audiences to take a deeper look at the limiting habits of putting ourselves last and believing that our time will come later. Lynn's work in end-of-life provides the signature framework that guides her audience to the question, "who were you before the world told you who you should be?" Through the lens of legacy, she speaks about rediscovering our true essence with grace, gratitude and healthy boundaries.

Audiences will:
  • Identify the mindset that is holding them back
  • See their failures as their superpowers
  • Understand the power of letting go
  • See each day as a precious gift

live well end well:
Planning your end-of-life journey for greater wellbeing

A thought provoking talk that inspires her audiences to initiate important conversations about their end-of-life choices. Her unique perspective as an end-of-life practitioner provides the wisdom to look beyond our fears of death to see planning for it as a final act of love. She demystifies the process by providing practical tools and opening hearts and minds to what is possible.

Audiences will:
  • See their lives as precious and with purpose
  • Realize that planning their ending is actually a plan for living
  • Understand the value of having difficult conversations

Retreats and Workshops

gratitude & grace:
A guide to conscious living

An experiential workshop that explores Lynn's signature program for deeper life fulfillment, gratitude and self-love. Through the framework of her heart centered methods, the possibilities to release limiting beliefs and the understanding that life can be a wonderful adventure come to the forefront.

Participants will explore through:
  • Meditation
  • Journaling prompts
  • Mindful practices
  • Creative, nature-based projects

walking me home: Creating and end-of-life plan

Participants are guided through five domains of life to create a plan that goes beyond Advanced Directives. Because of the sensitive nature of end-of-life conversations, a mindful, heart-centered approach is taken to provide participants with a space of non-judgement. Deep listening and supportive activities are used to provide expansiveness. The framework for end-of-life options and preferences are:
  • Practical
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Legacy

*Inspired by the Conscious Dying Institute's Best 3 Months
*A walking Me Home Workbook will be provided


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