Honoring my ancestors is an important aspect of my work. 

I cared for my great aunt and uncle in the last years of their lives, and created my grandmother’s funeral ceremony. The experience of being close to the dying process showed me that death is a powerful teacher. I was able to witness the mysteries of the end of life. They allowed me to walk with them right up to the edge and they taught me what dying with dignity meant. I learned how to advocate for that. I was trusted with companioning them through the sacred rite of passage and honored to have witnessed vulnerability, suffering, beauty and forgiveness in the process.

How it began…

I realize that a Death Doula is hired for who they are and how they show up in the world, not by their credentials.

I strive to show up with an open heart and without judgment. We don’t have to do this alone. 

end of life services

Now that I am a professional End of Life Practitioner, I carry the trust of my ancestors with me as I support and guide others through this process.

Facts About Me

Reiki Master & massage therapist

As an Conscious Dying Educator, helped to train over 150 EOL Doulas all over the US

Retreat Facilitator

Began as a Hospice Volunteer in 2007

Guest speaker at colleges, podcasts, churches, recent local news interview

I'm a Jiu Jitsu practitioner and Yoga instructor

I am committed to honoring the beliefs of others and very often include prayers in the ceremonies that I create, if requested. However, I am a Funeral Celebrant which is a non religious role. I also believe that It is possible to create a sacred ceremony and rituals for clients looking for non-religious ceremonies as well.

Do you provide religious funeral services?

No. As of right now Death Doulas are private pay. I offer packages for visits and can offer a sliding scale if necessary.

Are your services covered by insurance?

I absolutely experience sadness at times, but I also witness so much beauty and emotional healing that it reminds me of what is important in life.

Isn’t it depressing to be with people at the end of their lives?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I began sitting with the dying and creating legacy projects with Hospice in 2007. I became an End of Life Doula/Death Doula in 2018 and a Conscious Dying Educator in 2020.

Do you have End of Life experience?

End Of Life planning is a deeply personal endeavor. To ensure your comfort working together, I encourage my prospective clients to schedule a consultation with me.

To set up a consultation for End Of Life Services, please call or email me with information about you and any questions you may have. 

Schedule A Consultation


(727) 420-2263

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Lynn Principe in the Media

"The social workers and nurses who have met Lynn on transition visits have told me what a blessing she is to the patients and Families she has served. Her calming presence and innate knowledge of what people need at such a sensitive time in their lives is what makes her so effective in her role as an end-of-life doula."

Judie Bortness - Suncoast Hospice

"As a Funeral Director, I care deeply about the services that are performed at my funeral home. I am so grateful to Lynn for being available to walk families through the most difficult moments of their lives. She lovingly, thoughtfully and patiently works alongside families to completely capture their loved ones in their funeral services. I am honored to Know and work with Lynn!"

Alexandria Johnson-Trinity Memorial Gardens, Funeral Director

"Lynn helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. She created a peaceful environment and encouraged those of us who were with my daughter during her final days to share the memories and impact that she had on our lives. I will forever be grateful for her presence."

Jeri - client



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